Friday, December 31, 2010

Mal - My First Secret Paws Exchange

Hi everyone,

I'm Mal. I'm kinda new here. My Momma and Daddy rescued me last summer, so this is my first Christmas and my first Secret Paws. Charlemagne and Tamar (my brofur and sisfur) each had their own Secret Paws, so they'll be posting separately.

Here's me checking out my package with all of our Christmas stuff in the background.

Hey, it's from Gracie! Isn't she a nice kitty to send me such a big package?

Wow!!! Look at all of the packages! Momma says that these are called presents and that they are all for me. How neat is that?

Temptations!!! Yummy, yummy, yummy! Gracie must have known that I love Temptations. What a thoughtful girl!

Which one to pick next? There are so many to chose from!

Oooh - Whiskas!! Food is always a good thing for little guy like me. (I was outside on my own for about 6 months - that's what my nice lady vet says.)

A catnip fish toy! Yippee! I love catnip and I think I love fishies!

Yup - I definitely love fishies! Can't wait to get into my catnip!

A fish fishing pole, too? Wow - and it has catnip. Yippee!

A whole stocking of toys, too? Wow! Momma, Gracie is such a nice kitty to send me all of this wonderful stuff for Christmas. I think I'm really going to like Christmas and I know I like being an indoor only kitty boy!

What fun presents! What's that, Momma? You mean Santa might bring me even more goodies because I've been a good boy? Yup, I really like this Christmas thing!

Come here little catnip fishy - let me put a big bitey on you! Grrrrr!

Thank you so very much, Gracie! I really appreciate all of the nice things you sent me. I hope that you and all of the other kitties out there had a really good Christmas! I sure did - I got a forever home!

Secret Paws - The Monkeys

We (The Monkeys) participated in Secret Paws for the first time this year, and we're so happy we did! We exchanged with the gorgeous kitties, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat over at Jacqueline's.

They sent us a package with so many things, I can't decide where to start!

Thankfully I had Samson to help sort through all the awesome toys.

I immediately started bunny-kicking the Kong Kickeroo.

Samson loves the sardines...

...and the Cat Quest.

Bella looked on from a distance, but we soon noticed that she claimed a sardine for herself. With that scary look on her face, none of us would dare to dispute that!

She also took a strong liking to the Kickeroo.

Thank you, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat and of course, Jacqueline! We love our toys and treats. You guys are awesome new friends!

Thank you to Sweet Praline and Mom Paula for organizing this year's Secret Paws!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Secret Paws!!!!

Patches and Nemo's Secret Paws

Mom finally let us open our Secret Paws gift tonight. She has been busy and tired so we haven't done it yet. We think she may just be lazy. Our gift was from Perfectly Parker and boy is it a perfect gift. Here is what we got. More pictures are on our blog.
We got a whole basket full of goodies! There were temptations, Fancy Feast, Catnip balls with strings and feathers, a coin purse, a little jewelery thing, some ornaments and Dust Bunnies and a nice warm mat to lay on and a new stocking. Oh my cats it was so pawsome. We keep fighting over all the stuff and mom keeps telling us there is enough to go around. Thanks Perfectly Parker for the wonderful gift.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Millie's Secret Paws!

 I received a terrific box of pressies from Angel and Kirby and Mac all the way from Texcats!  The box was filled with wonderful presents and it also smelled really good.
 Inside was a great teaser toy, lots of bouncy and noisy balls, two GIGANTIC bags of my favorite treats, Beef Temptations.
There was also a nip stuffed toy and a jar of my second favorite treats! There was also a keychain for Mom that she loves, and some wonderful potholders.
And there was tissue paper! I just love pouncing on tissue paper!  Thank you so much Angel, Kirby & Mac and Mom Nan!

Thank you Sweet Praline, for organizing the Secret Paw!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Totally Pawsome Paws gifts

I got my Secret Paws gift in the mail, Mum brought it inside and let me open it mostly all by myself.

The first thing I pulled out is my favorite part, it is a green fish full of catnip. I grabbed it out and played with it right away. It smelled soooooo good!

The box came from Baby and Lucky, they said that they don't have a blog of their own (yet), but they love reading all of ours.
They even included some things for the berd. She is terrified of the toy, but she tore through one of the seed treats the other day.

I got a cool gray thing on a stick, two mousies and some tem-tay-shuns, I love them! That nip fish is my favorite of all of it.

I will definitely be doing Secret Paws next year too!


Four Crazy Cats

Our Secret Santa Paws package arrived on Thursday, but it took mom a couple of days before she opened it for us! We were very excited to find out who sent it and what it contained!
Finally the moment arrived to open the box...Devon and Pirate checking it out...smells interesting...
Smokey came over to sniff the card, and to learn that the box was from the Manx Mnews Cats!

Tanner loved the treats...greenies and temptations! He is looking up at mom with expections...can we have some please?
There was a stocking full of fun toys inside...Devon and Tanner and Cousin Pirate helped mom remove the items one by one...she was really being slow! We played laser chase for a long time that afternoon...we love that toy!
This ball with the mouse tail was a big hit too!
Tanner thought this ball was funny! Cousin Sophie making her way over to see if the treats have been opened yet...
Gathering closer and closer to mom waiting to see what comes out next!
Smokey came over the see what the fuss was about and to check out some toys! There were several balls of different sizes and textures, and a springy toy that hangs on a door knob! Mom even got a calendar with a cute kitten on the front!!
Look how sweet Devon and Tanner are being...
Finally the treats were opened...Smokey gobbled up his Temptations and then ate the others!

Tanner thought sitting in the box was great fun too. Much to his dismay, we are reusing this box to ship our Secret Santa Paws gift off as well :)

Thank you Abby, Jinx, Ping, Boo, and Baby Gracie...we love our package!!

Love to all...Four Crazy Cats

Perfectly Parker's Perfectly Wonderful Secret Paws!

Our friends at Forty Paws sent us an awesome package of goodies! We even got new Ham-Mick covers (with 'nip infusion!) - Thanks Maw and Paw and all of you wonderful Poodins!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Secret Santa for the Taylor CatSSSSS

Our Secret Santa Goodie Box came from:   Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal!

Isn't this card cute?
 Spats loved opening the gifts!
 Sam loved the box, of course!

Whoops!  He lost a ball in his floof! 
 Reading the card:
 Something smells like nip!
 Summer enjoying the new mat!
 We want to play with that ball! 

Seaborne claims the "lion's share"!  Of course!

Thank you very much for all of the wonderful goodies!