Saturday, December 25, 2010

Weezdabadcats' Secret Paws: Punapippuri

Wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW!!!
And WOW again!!

All the wow-ing started when we got this cool -shaped package in the post from FINLAND/SUOMI ...when we opened it, this is what was inside...

Well, we had to suffer with just looking at those pretty packages for a few days because Mom wouldn't let us open anything up UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! Finally, today came and we opened them. First the card:

Yay!! From our friends Punapippuri!! We love their blog!! And learning all those suomi words is really tough, but fun!

First, Tiny opened the package with the RED ribbon because, as the card stated, it was for her:
Mom had a hard time getting a picture of seems that Tiny has suddenly become camera-shy...but she really likes 'da Bird' and was playing with it like a maniac!! And the 'Dreamies'...ha!! we both LOVE the Dreamies!! In fact, Mom had to open Tiny's bag right away so that we could go into Dreamy-land!!! Mmmm!!!

Then, I opened the package with the PURPLE ribbon because it was for me, me, me:
I love 'da bird'!!! I have never had one so this was the first time, but I loved it immediately!! 'Da Bird'...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?? Oh, AND MORE DREAMIES!!!!!!

And last but not least, Ellwood ripped open the package with the yellow ribbon because, well, it was for him:
At first Ellwood was sort of intimidated by the flingy ball thing, but that lasted about a millisecond then he was all over that thing!! He loves it and doesn't stop carrying it around the house!!! The bones? Ha, Ellwood is a bone EXPERT (yes, even at his young age!)...if he isn't walking around the house with the flingy ball in his mouth, he has a bone hanging if it is a cigarette!!! haha!!

Dearest Punapippuri, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THE GREAT CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!! We love, love, love them!!!

And Dearest Sweet Praline, Thank you soooo much for orgnising the Secret Paws...what a lot of are an angel!!

TO EFURRYONE: Have a very Merry Christmas!!! And a safe, happy and healthy 2011!! We love you all!! Purrs, Lautrec, Tiny and Ellwood


Punapippuri said...

You are very welcome. Remember they are really from Santa who lives here in Finland :)
Secret Paws is a fantastic idea and it was great fun sending the presents to you. We are glad you like them. And it was fun too as Äiti has never bought doggie stuff before. And we hope the kitty toys are good - it is quite hard to get very nice ones here.

OKcats said...

You got gifts from royalty, who lives next door to Sandy Claws - you're very privileged! Those are fantastic toys and treats - Merry Christmas!

Cat said...

Update!! This evening Ellwood found one of 'da Birds' and, well, sadly, he de-feathered it. It was the one that has some kind of squeaker thing inside and sounds like a mouse whenever it is moved...well, he had heard just about enough of that sound from afar so as soon as he had the chance, he snuck into our room and stole it....Mom found it in the back of Ellwoods bed...minus feathers...she said she'll be looking for them in his poop!! I hope they tickle him silly...the silly poop!!

Punapippuri said...

Äiti is telling me that it would not be right to declare war on Ellwood and spark a major diplomatic incident, but I would like to come over and biff him on the nose for eating your toy. But would you like another one to be sent over ?

Sweet Praline said...

So glad you enjoyed the Secret Paws. Thanks for participating.