Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thank You Willow & China Cat from Nikita & Elvira!

Good evening everyone!

Merry Christmas!

This Blogger is driving me nuts, hee, hee!

I don't know how to integrate my pics with the text, to properly tell my story, so give up!

Pictures first, and story 2nd, and I need a stiff 'Nip Tea! ;-D

Elvira & I thank Willow & China Cat, for the really cool gifts! ;-D

This is Elvira's first Chrissymouse. ;-D

We got the package on Wednesday.

I'm sharing some pictures here, but there are even more on our blog, and a much more detailed report on the festivities, here.

We studied the box, and tried to guess what was in it, then with daddy's help we opened it!

I supervised Elvira opening it. ;-D

The Blue, and yellow, Mousies were of particular interest.

The yellow one is apparently Elvira's new Best Friend, you know, sort of like the Abominable Snowman toward Bugs & Daffy, in the old Looney Tunes except that she has not named the Mousie George...yet. ;-D

We checked out the box, and found the other cool items including a couple of balls, a couple of bags of tasty treats.

We read the nice card, and message sent by Willow & China Cat, then returned to checking out the gifts.

There was a 'Nip Cigar, and a Boogie Mat!

Daddy had bought one like the one in the box, a couple months ago, with the intent of giving it to Elvira for Christmas, so we now have 3!

Elvira proceeded to show she'd paid attention to my lessons on "Responsible 'Nipping", and she also showed talent as a Gymnist, and Track Athlete, when playing with the Mousie! ;-D

Eventually we tired out, and happily settled down to Snooze. ;-D

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Sweet Praline said...

Looks like you received a wonderful Secret Paws package. Thanks for participating.