Thursday, December 23, 2010

Secret Paws with Sweet Praline

I received my Secret Paws package of goodies from Luna and Zulu.  Everything was wrapped so nicely and my mom even had a surprise to help her relax.

Here is all of my presents I received:  a scratching post, a wand toy, cat nip, Temptations, and a Boogie Mat.  My mom received some nice relaxing teas and stuff to put in her bath.

I just love my Boogie Mat!  I've never had one before and when mom pulled it out of the bag and added the nip, I went directly to it and plopped my behind right on it.

And the most fun is the wrapping paper and the box!  MOL!

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Laila and Minchie said...

Very nice gifts!!! Praline, you will LOVE your boogie mat! It's great for teleporting around the blogosphere. A must for every household!

OKcats said...

cool - a boogie mat! Lots of neat things! Luna and Zulu have great taste!