Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Four Crazy Cats

Our Secret Santa Paws package arrived on Thursday, but it took mom a couple of days before she opened it for us! We were very excited to find out who sent it and what it contained!
Finally the moment arrived to open the box...Devon and Pirate checking it out...smells interesting...
Smokey came over to sniff the card, and to learn that the box was from the Manx Mnews Cats!

Tanner loved the treats...greenies and temptations! He is looking up at mom with expections...can we have some please?
There was a stocking full of fun toys inside...Devon and Tanner and Cousin Pirate helped mom remove the items one by one...she was really being slow! We played laser chase for a long time that afternoon...we love that toy!
This ball with the mouse tail was a big hit too!
Tanner thought this ball was funny! Cousin Sophie making her way over to see if the treats have been opened yet...
Gathering closer and closer to mom waiting to see what comes out next!
Smokey came over the see what the fuss was about and to check out some toys! There were several balls of different sizes and textures, and a springy toy that hangs on a door knob! Mom even got a calendar with a cute kitten on the front!!
Look how sweet Devon and Tanner are being...
Finally the treats were opened...Smokey gobbled up his Temptations and then ate the others!

Tanner thought sitting in the box was great fun too. Much to his dismay, we are reusing this box to ship our Secret Santa Paws gift off as well :)

Thank you Abby, Jinx, Ping, Boo, and Baby Gracie...we love our package!!

Love to all...Four Crazy Cats

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Sweet Praline said...

Looks like you received a great Secret Paws package. Thank you so much for participating.