Friday, December 24, 2010

Punapippuri's Secret Paws from Eric and Flynn

We opened our Secret Paws package from our friends Eric and Flynn a couple of days ago. Äiti had already made us wait, so we were very eager.
We loved the box, and inside it was full of mice. My favourite mice. They rattled, they jingled, they could leap everywhere. And they smelt of Devon mancat too.
Rilli-ukko was very interested.
And Aila came for a sniff too (she's a bit sweet on Britcat boys I think). Or she may just have wanted the Whiskas Temptations (oh so yummy)!
We are very grateful to Sweet Praline for setting up this Secret Paws and to everyone who participated. It has been really exciting as it's our first year on the CB and it's been a wonderful one for us.
We wish everyone a great Christmas and a happy, healthy year. And Äiti asks that we all spare a thought for rescue kitties in shelters, and ferals who we wish also would find some food and comfort this Christmas. Hyvää joulua kaikille, Punapippurista ja hänen perheensa ! (Happy Christmas everyone, from Punapippuri and his family!)


OKcats said...

Those are great gifts from Eric and Flynn! Of course we're very happy to see Miss Aila getting her share of the loot! We're sure you will dole it all out fairly, King Punapippuri!

Sweet Praline said...

Eric and Flynn are such nice British gents! So glad you enjoyed the Secret Paws. Thanks for participating.

Eric and Flynn said...

We are glad you enjoyed your presents.