Thursday, December 30, 2010

Secret Paws!!!!

Patches and Nemo's Secret Paws

Mom finally let us open our Secret Paws gift tonight. She has been busy and tired so we haven't done it yet. We think she may just be lazy. Our gift was from Perfectly Parker and boy is it a perfect gift. Here is what we got. More pictures are on our blog.
We got a whole basket full of goodies! There were temptations, Fancy Feast, Catnip balls with strings and feathers, a coin purse, a little jewelery thing, some ornaments and Dust Bunnies and a nice warm mat to lay on and a new stocking. Oh my cats it was so pawsome. We keep fighting over all the stuff and mom keeps telling us there is enough to go around. Thanks Perfectly Parker for the wonderful gift.

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Sweet Praline said...

What a great package from Perfectly Parker! I love the kitty on the box. Thanks for participating this year.