Monday, December 27, 2010

We loved our Secret Paws from Chey, Gemini and Ichiro

Thanks so much Cheysuli, Gemini, and Ichiro! We love our Secret Paws!

Mom and Dad finally let us open our Secret Paws package (December 19) after having it for a couple days and it was so awesome!

What's in the box? Smells like nip!
As is the rule, we have to inspect the box before we take everything out. We have to help Mom with the unpacking.

Maggie really got into inspecting the box.

New balls!
We got all kinds of great stuff like fuzzy jingle balls, and Temptations!

Who, me?
And an awesome new pink blanket!

Josie inspects the Pawbreaker
And a super cool nip Pawbreaker!

Jasper kicking the feathers
And some feather balls! Oh, and lots of paper in the box, that we love too, but I think that's just a bonus.

Feather Flip or ball -- tough call
Huggy Bear couldn't decide what to play with first.

Maggie with the blue fuzzy ball
Maggie picked the blue fuzzy ball.

Josie loving on her new blanker
Josie loved the blanket bunches.

Huggy Bear relaxing in the paper
Huggy Bear had a blast on the paper.

Jasper in the box
And I love the box!

Thanks so so much for our Secret Paws gift! We love Secret Paws. Also, thanks to Sweet Praline and your Mom for putting this together. It is one of our favorite Cat Blogosphere events.

Jasper, Josie, Huggy Bear and Maggie McKitten-Cat


Sweet Praline said...

Cool! I love seeing pictures of the McKitten-cats! You got a pawbreaker, too! Aren't those just too fun?

I hope you had a great Christmas!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Paper is often the bestest part of the gift, isn't it?

The Island Cats said...

Wow! What a haul!! Have fun!!

Eric and Flynn said...

That is a great package. I like fuzzy balls because they are easy to carry around. Flynn