Friday, December 31, 2010

Mal - My First Secret Paws Exchange

Hi everyone,

I'm Mal. I'm kinda new here. My Momma and Daddy rescued me last summer, so this is my first Christmas and my first Secret Paws. Charlemagne and Tamar (my brofur and sisfur) each had their own Secret Paws, so they'll be posting separately.

Here's me checking out my package with all of our Christmas stuff in the background.

Hey, it's from Gracie! Isn't she a nice kitty to send me such a big package?

Wow!!! Look at all of the packages! Momma says that these are called presents and that they are all for me. How neat is that?

Temptations!!! Yummy, yummy, yummy! Gracie must have known that I love Temptations. What a thoughtful girl!

Which one to pick next? There are so many to chose from!

Oooh - Whiskas!! Food is always a good thing for little guy like me. (I was outside on my own for about 6 months - that's what my nice lady vet says.)

A catnip fish toy! Yippee! I love catnip and I think I love fishies!

Yup - I definitely love fishies! Can't wait to get into my catnip!

A fish fishing pole, too? Wow - and it has catnip. Yippee!

A whole stocking of toys, too? Wow! Momma, Gracie is such a nice kitty to send me all of this wonderful stuff for Christmas. I think I'm really going to like Christmas and I know I like being an indoor only kitty boy!

What fun presents! What's that, Momma? You mean Santa might bring me even more goodies because I've been a good boy? Yup, I really like this Christmas thing!

Come here little catnip fishy - let me put a big bitey on you! Grrrrr!

Thank you so very much, Gracie! I really appreciate all of the nice things you sent me. I hope that you and all of the other kitties out there had a really good Christmas! I sure did - I got a forever home!


Gracie =^o.o^= said...

Oh Mal, I am so happy that you liked all of the presents that I sent you. I paw picked out all of them myself. You like me was an outside kittie and then fortunate to find a furever home. I too was alone outside for 6-8 months before I found my folks. I picked them out and they never even saw it coming. You will have many other Christmas and lots of joy in your life. I am also excited that not only were you my secret pal but I was your sister's, Tamar, secret paws. I haven't posted about my secret paw stuff yet but the mom said that she soon would. The holidays have been so busy the mom hasn't had a chance. Love to you and your family and wishing you the best for the new year that is about to start!!

Sweet Praline said...

So nice to meet you and I'm glad you enjoyed participating in the Secret Paws this year and that you have a great forever home.