Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thank You Secret Paws!!!

happy new year, efurryone!

we purrticipated in Secret Paws this year and we received The Meezers as our kittehs to be Secret Paws for. The Meezers wrote about opening our gift on Tuesday. we're glad they liked the presents! Nicky has been on a nip high for a few days. that's OK, so have i!!! because ...

we got a FANTASTIC package from Samantha, Clementine, and Maverick in Texas! Cookie read the label to see who the package was from. Panda Bear helped to open the box.

Panda Bear helped to take the presents out of the box.

Panda Bear sniffed some primo nip toys inside the stocking and gave the stocking a good bunnykicking.

when Panda Bear was done bunnykicking, Caramel and i joined him to check out all the wonderful gifts.

nip fest! mmmmmmmm nip!

i took a break from my nip fest to look at the pretty card from Samantha, Clementine, and Maverick!

not to be outdone, Floofs (Caramel) shows that she knows how to get her nip on! she looks really high in this photo.

Panda Bear really got into the nip peppermint sticks too! Panda Bear likes to lick the really primo nip toys. ewww. then nobuddy else wants to touch them.

Padre likes the nip sardines.

check out the great calendar! do you see the resemblance between Cookie and the cover kitteh?

ahhhh! relaxing in the debris field! you can also see the great tablet! it has a magnet so it is going on the fridge. i will see to it that it is used for catfood shopping lists!

Thank You, Secret Paws!!! Thank You Samantha! Thank You Clementine! Thank You Maverick!

And a Special Thank You to Sweet Praline for organizing Secret Paws this year!

Meerkat for The Furry Bambinos: Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel


KarenMcG said...

Oh, we just love picture stories. And yours is fantastic.

Your Christmas gifts were certainly a big hit with you all. Looks like you all had your paws in in opening the box.

"The Boys" and I want to wish you a Happy and Safe New Year!

Sweet Praline said...

Look at all of that loot! Nip is fun in any form, isn't it?

I'm so glad that you participated in Secret Paws this year and had fun.