Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eric and Flynn's Secret Paw Package.

Our Secret Paw arrived today. It smells good but mum said we had to wait for dad to come home before we could open it.

Flynn: After waiting for dad I couldn't wait to see what smelled so good. Our package came from Baby Patches.

I had to climb in before it was even unpacked.

My new bed!

Mum had to take everything out from under me. Even Eric who had told mum he didn't want his photo taken came over to see what we got.

Eric: Wow there are some great things here.

Flynn: There certainly are. look at these great nippy trees.

Eric: And we got my favourite.....Greenies!!!

Dad played with us with the little silver mousies. We both love them because they flip around when you throw them.

Flynn: Did I mention the nippy Christmas trees? They smell really strong and mmmmmm nippy.

It's no good trying to get in that bag Eric, you won't fit.

Flynn: I gave one of the silver mousies a good chewing.

Eric: Haha, very funny.

Yeah, I suppose you think that is double funny.

We got some great stuff from Baby Patches, two shiny silver mousies, a soft duck and a dog, a ball and a fev-ver butt mousie that rattle, two bags of Greenies, a lovely card, and did I mention the nippy trees?

Flynn: This fev-ver butt mousie is lots of fun too.

Dad throws it for me to catch.

Eric: All this excitement has made me tired. I am going to nap with one of the nippy trees before nip head Flynn grabs them both.

Flynn: I like my new box.

And did I tell you we got nippy trees?

Eric: I am going to keep my paw on silver mousies tail so he doesn't escape.
Thanks Baby Patches, we both love our Secret Paw package.
Thanks Sweet Praline and Mom Paula for doing such a good job organising Secret Paws for everyone.


Derby, Ducky said...

Lots of good stuff there. Have fun.

Sweet Praline said...

What a great package of goodies from Baby Patches! Did I mention that you got some nippy trees? Thanks for participating in Secret Paws.

Wyatt's Corner said...

I have got to try those Greenies I have been hearing a lot about them.

Greg_1948 said...

Cats have Christmas too,--sometimes more so than the humans in my house with 5 cats. Santa Cat was good to them I see in the earlier post photos. Greetings. When is their next "holiday?"

Jewel said...

I like how you used the box as a bed before the items were even taken out - kids sometimes do that too.

retriever said...

Cute fotos, my cat love much boxes also, greeting from Belgium