Friday, January 7, 2011

Maverick's Secret Paw Package

Today was Maverick's Secret Paw Day!! Here he is stiffing the paper!!
Next he is checking out the Peanut Butter Treats and New Stuffed toy dog!!
Sorry it's kinda Blurry!!
Thank you Henry, Rosie & Charlie!!
Peanut Butter is my favorite and I just love the dog toy!!
Mom tried to get the toy from Maverick and here are 3 pictures showing him taking off with it,
Then Running away with it!!
And guarding it from Mom!! Hehehehehe!!!


m.q said...

awww..that is a nice toy u have..

Ms.fida said...


Diamond said...

I love these photos of you. Especially your eyes.

Linda said...

Sending a big Thank you to Gracie.
We love new visitors from Kiss a Bull.
Love and wags from Seattle WA
Cinnamon and Linda

Rafaela Lima said...

You are a cute dog! I have 2 cats and 1 dog! I am follow you to see you more times!

My blog is in portuguese but you can traslate it and read if you want!


retriever said...

Lovely blog wonderfull fotos pets, greeting from Belgium

Photo Cache said...

maverick we are meowing out loud at your antics.

emma and buster

Jewel said...

Although not participating in Secret Paws ourselves as we live outside of the US and postage and delivery might be difficult, we have enjoyed watching Maverick and may have a go at SP next year.

Cameron said...

That dog is cute

Cindy A said...

lol really cute! Gotta get me one!

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